Monday, April 10, 2006

Penang Public Transport - start a watch group

It is exactly 10 days after new public transport system is in place.......the suffering public is crying out.....the authorities says "give them time"........the CM says "the state government is not responsible, its the federal Minister in charge of the Commercial Vehicle Licencing Board (CVLB)".......the public in Penang is caught between a rock and a hard place......lets keep our rage aflame, and remember our politicians when the elections come around in 2008.....Ask this Question "HOM MANY OF OUR MPS, BN OR OPPOSITION HAD HIGHLIGHTED OUR PUBLIC TRANSPORT WOES?"

Lets start our Public Transport watch group at the grassroots level. Lets monitor the performance of our stage and mini buses along our routes.....LETS BOMBARD THE FEDERAL MINISTER WITH OUR FINDINGS.....BOUQUETS WHEN IT IS GOOD AND BRICKBATS WHEN IT IS HORRID....

Get a group of local users, device a simple form and start monitoring....peak hours and off-peak hours....c how the buses perform.....u be surprised!!!!

Last week on Wednesday, I was shocked to see two minibuses going SIDE BY SIDE, along residency road at around 8.00am EMPTY......

OR on FRIDAY, two stage buses, one filled with people and the one directly behind him empty......i don't know whats happening.....aren't they suppose to be 20 minutes behind each other

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