Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The very rude drivers of penang

There is a sub-species of drivers in Penang that are impatient and and will do anything to beat the queue at road junctions and traffic lights.

They just want to go first, and to wait for the lights to turn green or for other drivers to turn is just too much for them.....they behave as if they are holding on to their urine or shit and have to rush to the nearest toilet or all hell will break loose and they will literally burst.....

These drivers break all traffic rules and norms of shows their character...who they are .... is displayed for all to see....badly brought up and disrespectful, selfish and destined for destruction.....

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Anonymous said...

dear penang oikos,

the penang which you and i love about is no longer around anymore.

there used to be a time when penang was a very nice place to stay and work.

those were the days, as the saying goes.

i grew up in penang in the 1960s and 1970s.

it was a time of innocence. it was a town with low crime rate, no flash floods problems, no hill cutting problems, no traffic problems, and little corruption.

the town was vibrant at night.

although there were no wifi or the pentium chip, life was fun, simple, and innocent.

i would give anything to go back to those days.

what has penang become now?

corruption has reached its peak. gangsterism is beyond control (who controls who? the police controlling the thugs or is it the other way round. in penang, i would emphatically say it is the other way round). crime rate has also peaked. penang is no longer safe.

corruption and negligence has led to hill cutting problems, unfair privatisation of projects, and emergence of ugly development schemes and cut-throat developers...

the state governmemnt has proven again and again that it has no intention to bring balanced development to penang...

put it this way---is it so hard for the state government to clean up our beach and our rivers????

batu ferringhi beach is dangerous to swim in. sungai juru is reputed to be the dirtiest river in southeast asia---world health organisation says so.

and the state government can come openly and say that it is in favour of a balanced approach to develop penang

i can go on and on...

but mr penang oikos, there is little choice for people like us who are always looking for a decent place to stay..

the choice left is to leave, migrate overseas--that is if you have the means, of course.