Friday, May 26, 2006

Is the second bridge really neccessary?

It was reported that the ADUN for Sg. Dua raised the issue of the second bridge, saying that it should not be build as it would lead to more congestion in Penang. Instead the ADUN for Sg. Dua suggested that the Pg bridge be expanded and that the proposed monorail system be expanded to include Seberang Perai and that both the monorails systems in the mainland and the island should be linked. In this way congestion be reduced and public transport be given a boost. Syabas....its been a long time since an ADUN has suggested something against conventional thinking but a great and good idea nevertheless.

However, I am truly disappointed with the knee jerk response of of ADUN for Batu Uban, saying not building the second bridge will not solve the congestion problem on the island.....of course it will not solve the problem.....BUT IT WILL DISCOURAGE VEHICLES FROM THE MAINLAND TO COME TO THE ISLAND & THEREFORE KEEP THE CONGESTION PROBLEM FROM BECOMING A EVEN BIGGER PROBLEM. It just like saying that if you don't add inflammable liquid or fuel into fire will not put out the fire but it will stop the fire from getting even worse.....CAN'T THEY THINK OUT OF THE BOX.....PUBLIC TRANSPORT NOT ANOTHER BRIDGE TO ALLOW MORE CARS TO CLOG UP THE ROADS IN THE ISLAND...SOON WE BE BREATHING IN FUMES FROM MOTOR EXHAUST THAT'S ALL....

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