Sunday, May 07, 2006

Penang island ----residential suburbs of Butterworth

Butterworth, the twin city of Georgetown....just like the twin cities of Minneapolis & St Paul in the US, B'worth & G'town are linked by their close proximity and economy. There has always been an air of superiority of G'town residents over residents of B'worth which is totally fact in many ways B'worth are now the engine of Pg's growth.....There are no more ports on the island except the ferry terminal & the passenger terminal at Swettenham pier......all the ports are in the b'worth. More importantly over the mainland, there are more room to more industrial land in pg island......besides, there are more land waiting in the industrial parks located in Kedah, and Perak. Kedah with its industrial estates in Sg Petani, Bakar Arang and Gurun and hi-tech park in Kulim are poised to grow even more vigourously.

The new stadium is at batu kawan, and soon the race course. With the second link, b'worth and its surrounding hinterland will boom.....b'worth serves not only pg but the whole northen region of peninsular Malaysia, including much of kelantan and even south thailand....Penang island will and must remain an residential suburbs of the mainland Butterworth and southern kedah, the more dynamic and industrial part of the mainland and so it should be......

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