Monday, December 29, 2008

Mudflats of Bagan Jermal/Gurney Drive - 3

The benefits of having a fully restored Mangroves is the biodiversity that such a forest can attract. Mangroves are ideal places for all kinds of birds both local and migratory ones.....(the feathered types.....not the two legged ones that are attracted to the bright lights and where there's lots of money like casinos)

The forest is home to a rich micro-organic flora and fauna attracting fishes, mudskippers and birds....Even such a small patch around the Bagan Jermal area will bring much needed nature and add color to this urbanised landscape.....
Like the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary located about 50 miles down south of Penang Island, the bird life will be very rich.... a total of 165 different species from 42 different families are found there. Of these 165 species, 47 of them are migratory ones flying from the northern hemisphere as far away as Siberia to the Southern Hemisphere and stoppping-over in Malaysia.

See this link for the potential that can unfold for this Mud-flats

(All pictures are from the the above link)

.......and Penangites should defend this mud-flats and not lose them to developers like what happened to the Tanjong Tokong mangroves, turned now into a potential Tsunami disaster zone of the future... a time bomb waiting to happen....

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